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Politika Belgrade Among Favorite Cities For Digital Nomads

Politika: “Belgrade Among Favorite Cities for Digital Nomads”

Article in the Politika daily on our research about digital nomads, profiling Belgrade as a desirable remote work destination among digital professionals on the European level (Serbian only)

What Digital Nomads Have To Teach Us About Emigration

What digital nomads have to teach us about emigration

Blog by Kristina Jazinka Nikolic (Head of Experimentation) on digital nomads, and other emigration trends related to Belgrade and Serbia

Stories Of Return Video

Stories of Return Video

Video “Stories of Return” as a visual representation that highlights how the Accelerator Lab captured Serbian reparts’ stories and their user journeys including both bottlenecks and happy moments experienced during the process of returning to Serbia from abroad

Short Termism The Greatest Threat For Our Future

Short-termism – the greatest threat for our future?

Blog by Drasko Draskovic (Head of Exploration) on short-termism and anticipation of global risks

2nd Accelerator Lab B Day Recording

2nd Accelerator Lab B-day recording

On occasion of the second birthday of UNDP Accelerator Lab in Serbia, we talked with the winning teams of Depopulation Data Challenge. These solutions contribute to gaining new insights about in-country migrations, economic migrations, out-migration and scientific diaspora, as well as spatial aspects of depopulation, which will shed light on this phenomenon from different angles and enable the creation of new proposals for formulating demographic policies.

Video Invitation For The Depopulation Data Challenge By Francine Pickup

Depopulation Data Challenge video: “We invite you to participate in our Depopulation Data Challenge!”

Video invitation for the Depopulation Data Challenge by Francine Pickup (UNDP Serbia Resident Representative)

Associated Press Shrinking Country Serbia Struggles With Population Decline

Associated Press: “Shrinking country: Serbia struggles with population decline”

Associated Press article on depopulation, covering our work with the Depopulation Studio

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