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Euronews No Magic Wand Depopulation Is Becoming A Frequent Topic How Many People Are Leaving Serbia And Where Are They Going

Euronews: “No Magic Wand: Depopulation is becoming a frequent topic – how many people are leaving Serbia and where are they going”

Euronews article on depopulation, with video interviews with Depopulation Data Challenge winners and mentor (Serbian only)

We Know Business As Usual Doesn’t Work. But What Does The Alternative Look Like

We know business as usual doesn’t work. But what does the alternative look like?

First in a three-part blog series explaining the portfolio approach as an instrument for system transformation, what it means and looks like in practice and how it differs from a traditional project approach. Based on an interview with Irena Cerovic (Head of Solutions mapping) as an early practitioner in UNDP

How To Find The Right Formula For The 21st Century Challenges 1st Year Of The UNDP Serbia Accelerator Lab

How to find the right formula for the 21st century challenges – 1st year of the UNDP Serbia Accelerator Lab

Blog by Neda Kurjacki (Communications Associate) on the journey of the Accelerator Lab in Serbia, marking our 1st year

Returning Point Viber Community

Returning Point Viber community

Accelerator Lab and Returning point collaboration creating a Viber community as a new communication channel with the Serbian diaspora, potential returnees and all the successful individuals who have already returned to Serbia to work and live (Serbian only)

MGI9ijzz 0 HD

Tačka povratka podcast episode 63: Jelena Jovičić

Returning Point podcast, interview with Jelena Jovicic (Head of Solutions Mapping)

Vlog Cross Border Coworking Conference How Digital Nomads See The Region

Vlog: Cross border coworking conference: “How digital nomads see the region”

Vlog on the panel at the Cross border coworking conference: “How digital nomads see the region” moderated by Kristina Jazinka Nikolic (Head of Experimentation)

Deep Demonstrations The Journey Begins

Deep demonstrations: the journey begins

Blog by Millie Begovic (Strategic Innovation Advisor) and Søren Vester Haldrup (Innovation Facility Fund Manager) on the launch of a new approach to supporting strategic innovation in UNDP

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