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Why Is Serbia Shrinking Marka Zvaka

Why is Serbia shrinking? – Marka Zvaka

Video produced with Marka Zvaka, view of the citizens of Belgrade on depopulation

Vlog Cross Border Coworking Conference How Digital Nomads See The Region

Vlog: Cross border coworking conference: “How digital nomads see the region”

Vlog on the panel at the Cross border coworking conference: “How digital nomads see the region” moderated by Kristina Jazinka Nikolic (Head of Experimentation)

Sme Resilience F

SME Resilience

Supporting growth of SMEs that are future-proof and more resilient to shocks in the future.

Can Google Search Queries Help Countries Map Their Diasporas

Can Google search queries help countries map their diasporas?

Blog by Drasko Draskovic (Head of Exploration) on using search data for identifying diaspora locations

Politika People Move Where It's Better

Politika: “People Move Where It’s Better”

Article in the Politika daily on Accelerator Lab’s Linkedin analysis that brings new insights on out-migration (destination countries, skills and industries most affected with brain drain) (Serbian only)

RTV The Financial Times On Serbia Dynamic Tech Startups Hungry For Success

RTV: “The Financial Times on Serbia: Dynamic tech startups hungry for success”

Serbian media house RTV on the Financial Times’ article on successful Serbian IT sector and tech startups, positions the Accelerator Lab as part of the solution for the development of the digital scene through work with digital nomads and for tackling depopulation and brain drain (Serbian only)

Depopulation Data Challenge Winners

Depopulation Data Challenge Winners

On the occasion of the second birthday of UNDP Accelerator Lab in Serbia, we talked with the winning teams of Depopulation Data Challenge.

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