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Can Artificial Intelligence And Satellite Images Help Make Our Rivers Free Of Waste

Can Artificial Intelligence and satellite images help make our rivers free of waste?

Blog by Slobodan Markovic (Digital Advisor), Zorica Korac (Environment Portfolio Manager) and Drasko Draskovic (Head of Exploration) on the use of machine learning and satellite data to detect illegal waste sites within a project with the European Space Agency

New Findings On Depopulation In Serbia Presented

New findings on depopulation in Serbia presented

Press release Depopulation Data Challenge Winners

Returning Point Digital Guides For Serbian Diaspora And Returnees

Returning Point digital guides for Serbian diaspora and returnees

Accelerator Lab and Returning point collaboration resulting in digital guides for return migrants, created using various tools from the design thinking methodology. As a personalized experience delivered through a web-based product, the guides provide accurate information about administration, business, and social integration upon return to Serbia

Implementing A Data Driven Approach To Tackling Depopulation

Implementing a Data-Driven Approach to Tackling Depopulation

Blog by Drasko Draskovic (Head of Exploration) on our ideas and motivation behind the Depopulation Data Challenge

Deep Demonstrations The Journey Begins

Deep demonstrations: the journey begins

Blog by Millie Begovic (Strategic Innovation Advisor) and Søren Vester Haldrup (Innovation Facility Fund Manager) on the launch of a new approach to supporting strategic innovation in UNDP

Returning Point WorkFromHome Initiative What Does WFH Mean, When Home Is Serbia

Returning Point WorkFromHome initiative – What does WFH mean, when Home is Serbia?

Accelerator Lab and Returning point collaboration on an online campaign “Work from Home, Work from Serbia,” in response to the general movement of remote work as well as in the face of the global COVID 19 pandemic

Collective Intelligence For Sustainable Development

Collective Intelligence for Sustainable Development

Report by Nesta and the Accelerator Labs Network setting out how governments and organizations involved in global development are increasingly mobilizing not just money, but also intelligence to speed up progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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