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Depopulation Portfolio

Faced with one of the most rapidly declining populations in the world, Serbia needs to redefine what it takes to be a thriving, productive society. We bring a new framing to depopulation, one of the most significant global trends of the future.

Circular Migration

Circular Migration

We are exploring how to rebuild trust and develop innovative ways to bridging Serbian society at home and abroad. We work with the Returning Point to co-create solutions that accelerate new links with Serbia’s diaspora.

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Depopulation Data Challenge

As an example of collective intelligence in action, we established new partnerships that leveraged alternative data sources – such as mobile data, social networks data, job ads data, satellite data – to shine a new light on the complex challenge of depopulation in Serbia.

Cross Border Coworking Conference How Digital Nomads See The Region

Cross border coworking conference: “How digital nomads see the region”

Kristina Jazinka Nikolic (Head of Experimentation) as the moderator at the regional panel “How digital nomads see the region”. The Conference brought together decision makers from the region’s countries, coworking space owners and managers, coworking space users, representatives from the business community, representatives from partner institutions, and digital nomads to share their experiences and recommendations

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