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17th Issue of Gender Brief for Serbia

Gender brief for Serbia mentions Women in STEM initiative

The 17th issue of Gender Brief for Serbia, prepared by the UN Gender theme group, which provides an overview of various UN initiatives in Serbia and analysis of the current situation, featured our Women in STEM initiative.

Euronews No Magic Wand Depopulation Is Becoming A Frequent Topic How Many People Are Leaving Serbia And Where Are They Going

Euronews: “No Magic Wand: Depopulation is becoming a frequent topic – how many people are leaving Serbia and where are they going”

Euronews article on depopulation, with video interviews with Depopulation Data Challenge winners and mentor (Serbian only)

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Depopulation Data Challenge

As an example of collective intelligence in action, we established new partnerships that leveraged alternative data sources – such as mobile data, social networks data, job ads data, satellite data – to shine a new light on the complex challenge of depopulation in Serbia.

Depopulation Data Challenge Solution 1 GI SANU Remote Detection Of (de)population Processes In Serbia

Depopulation Data Challenge Solution #1 – GI SANU – Remote detection of (de)population processes in Serbia

The Geoanalysts team of researchers from the Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijić” (a winner of the Depopulation Data Challenge), explored migrations within Serbia, declining population trends in certain areas, as well as population growth in urban areas, by monitoring satellite data, data on night-time lights, power networks and OpenStreetMaps

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How to Make a Portal Which Assists in Startup Development: A Serbian Experience

Blog by Kristina Jazinka Nikolic and Milan Lakicevic on the use of Design Thinking methodology to create a Web portal for Serbian startups

Depopulation As A Policy Challenge In The Context Of Global Demographic Trends

Depopulation As A Policy Challenge In The Context Of Global Demographic Trends

Report by Wolfgang Lutz (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis), commisioned by UNDP and UNFPA to address depopulation from a multi-dimensional demographic perspective, not only looking at population size and age structure, but also differentiating by level of education and labor force participation.

Financial Times Belgrade’s Fast Growing Tech Start Ups Show Serbia’s ‘hunger For Success’

Financial Times: “Belgrade’s fast-growing tech start-ups show Serbia’s ‘hunger for success’”

Article on successful Serbian IT sector and tech startups, positions the Accelerator Lab as part of the solution for the development of the digital scene through work with digital nomads and for tackling depopulation and brain drain

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