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circular migration


Carta Serbica

Carta Serbica is a program designed for individuals of Serbian origin from the diaspora who are interested in living, working, or retiring in Serbia. It offers a streamlined procedure for obtaining temporary residence and work permits, specifically for foreigners of Serbian origin who do not hold Serbian citizenship.


Mentorship Programme 

The Returning Point’s Mentorship Initiative aims to assist the Serbian diaspora in returning to Serbia through connecting them with successful returnees who volunteer their time to help others make a decision and assist with reintegration into local society.

Returning Point Viber Community

Returning Point Viber community

Accelerator Lab and Returning point collaboration creating a Viber community as a new communication channel with the Serbian diaspora, potential returnees and all the successful individuals who have already returned to Serbia to work and live (Serbian only)

Stories Of Return Video

Stories of Return Video

Video “Stories of Return” as a visual representation that highlights how the Accelerator Lab captured Serbian reparts’ stories and their user journeys including both bottlenecks and happy moments experienced during the process of returning to Serbia from abroad

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